Safeguarding Policy


Safeguarding and Vulnerable Adults Policy

Church details:
Queen Edith Chapel
Wulfstan Way,

Policy Statement

Whilst the main focus of this policy is towards those who work directly under the oversight of the Core team of Queen Edith Chapel with children, young people and vulnerable adults, the principles that undergird this policy must at all times be adhered to by members of, and visitors to, Queen Edith Chapel.

A definition of a vulnerable adult is given in ‘No Secrets’ (the Government’s Guidance on Adult Abuse) as: ‘a person aged 18 years or over, who is in receipt of, or may be in need of, community care services by reason of mental or other disability, age or illness and who is or may be unable to take care of him or herself, or unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation.’

This policy is designed primarily to promote a safe environment for the effective delivery of ministry to children and young people in Queen Edith Chapel (hereinafter referred to as ‘QEC’). However, the same policy and procedures will apply to those in QEC who areworking with vulnerable adults. (Seek advice from the Safeguarding Co Co-ordinator on a case-by-case basis)

To that end QEC:

  1. Takes seriously its responsibility to protect and safeguard children and young people entrusted to its care.
  2. Recognises that the responsibility for children and young people lies primarily with their parent(s) and/or carer(s).
  3. Is committed to encouraging and supporting parents and carers.
  4. Will ensure that all workers are responsibly appointed, and that support and training is made available for them on an ongoing basis.
  5. Will adhere to good practice guidelines for working with children and young people.
  6. Has detailed guidelines and procedures relating to dealing with child abuse suspicions or allegations and will ensure that these practices are known to and followed by all workers.
  7. Has a Safeguarding Co-ordinator: Ruth Newton (, 01223 575679)
  8. Will consider the impact of its plans and decisions on children and young people.
  9. Is committed, where necessary, to working with any relevant external agency.
  10. Will regularly review this policy. (Next review April 2023)

Areas of Policy

The church sets out guidelines in the following areas:

  1. Appointing staff
  2. Codes of Conduct and Good Practice Guidelines
  3. Breaches of these Guidelines
  4. Responses to suspicions or allegations of abuse

Details of these guidelines can be found in the full version of this policy which is available to view in the church or can be provided on request.